Society for Telangana State Network (SoFTNET) is an initiative from the Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications of the Govt of Telangana State to provide quality education harnessing the potential of satellite communications and Information Technology.

SoFTNET uses GSAT 8 Satellite and telecasts four channels. T-SAT NIPUNA and T-SAT VIDYA cater to the distance learning, Agriculture Extension, Rural Development, Tele-Medicine and E-Governance requirements of the people of Telangana.

SoFTNET Mission is to Educate, Enlighten and Empower the people of Telangana State using audio-visual technology and take best of the education and training facilities to the stake holders.

SoFTNET channelizes various educational and training resources and enables the quality faculty reach out to the last mile institutions. Its training facilities in the area of Women and Child Welfare, Rural Development, Skill Development, Health, Agriculture Extension etc,. helps the end users acquaint with the developments in the respective fields.


  • To Educate, Enlighten and Empower the people
    of Telangana State using audio-visual, wire & wireless technology and Satellite Communications to achieve Bangaaru Telangana.

  • To take the best of the faculty into every
    classroom, make learning easy, build a mentally strong, morally high and well informed student community, in sync with the trends across the globe.

  • To provide quality coaching and guidance for aspirants seeking admission to professional courses.

  • To help the young and educated with right guidance to employment, coaching to competitive exams, vocational training and skill development.

  • To help government departments train its workforce and enable them deliver services with perfection and precision.

  • To help the masses come close to the government and obtain its services at the door step, free from
    corruption and on time.

  • To improve the standard of health care by educating the people on health, hygiene and swatch Telangana

  • To build a secure Telangana by creating awareness among its people on safety & security, prevention of crime and participation of people in maintaining law and order.

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