studiosThe production facilities are setup for Inhouse production, online programs recording and telecast of live transmission in HD Quality. T-SAT TV has Three 220sqm studios each with 3digital colour cameras , two mini studios & one class room setup with state of art equipment , Tabletop cameras, Teleprompter, Laptops for power point presentation ,Digital teaching technologies like Digital recorder, Digital boards, Cool lights and Monitoring room for live

ENG Camera Unit

HD format, ENG cameras with accessories are also available for outdoor production. The equipment can be hired by T-SAT TV user departments. Facilities for recording of outdoor events like academic events, science fair, workshops and project work display by students, demonstration etc.

Edit Suits

For the post-production, non-linear edit suits with graphic facilities have been provided. Editing can be done in digital format (HD) on AVID and Adobe Suite (Creative Cloud) with 2D and 3D graphics.

Earth Station (HUB)

engThe T-SAT TV HUB is a standard uplink for the four educational channels. The earth station is co-located with the studios and is capable of transmitting six digitally compressed video channels in MCPC mode. The earth station uses DVB MPEG-4 encoders for video/audio. The channels are transmitted through a 7.3 m antenna to a Ku band transponder on GSAT-8


 Steps for Interaction with Television Teacher and Experts:

1. Call the Number – 040-23551989, 040-23553473, 1800-425-4038.
2. As soon as you have the connection turn down the volume of your television set.
3. Identify yourself by Name & School / Institution.
4. Ask your question and ensure your question has been understood.
5. Put the Telephone receiver down.

Raise the volume of the TV set & Listen to the answer.