Receive Equipment (ROT)
A typical ROT consists of (Equipment list given in basic)

  1. Ku-band Receiving Dish / Antenna of / 0.9m / 1.2m diameter with Non Penetrating Mount
  2. LNBC with feed for Receiving Ku-band signals
  3. Set Top Box(STB) Digital Satellite Receiver with Remote operation to receive 2-45Mbps of Ku-band signals
  4. IF Cable form Dish to IRD and connecting cables from IRD to TV
  5. TV set with Audio and Video input output facilities with remote.


  1. UPS of 1KVA capacity with one hour backup
  2. Cabinet for housing TV Receiver, UPS, and IRD
  3. Earthling, lightning arrestor, power boards, etc.

ROTs in the network

1 APNET project 1445(Govt. Schools, Welfare dept. schools, G.Jr.C, GDC Technical Education, Engineering, Medical and PG centers)
2 RVM/SSA project 5013 (Govt. Primary School Complex, MRC etc..)
3 MPDOs 1097 (Training Centers, MRC, MPD office, etc..)
4 ROTs Operation & Maintenance and procurement of new ROTs, the responsibility rests with User Departments.